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Custom Inspection Systems

Custom-Made Inspection Systems
INVIZ inspection systems


Custom-made inspection systems for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Can't find the fitting inspection camera on the market for your Remote Visual Inspection? Our engineers and technicians take this challenge! Through consolidation of different systems, combined with customized instruments for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI), you will achieve best results suitable to your budget. Our wide range of equipment and accessories will inspire you! Benefit from our expertise in mechanics, optics, illumination, electronics and software.


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Video endoscope INVIZ® DE 2.4

Video endoscope for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)


Width: 2,4 mm

Working length: 2 m to 15 m

Features: High power LED illumination, wide angle, turbo mode

Remote Visual Inspection: Heat exchangers, steam generators, tube banks






UV video endoscope INVIZ® UVin

UV video endoscope for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)


Diameter: 12,7 mm

Working length: 4 m to 15 m

Features: UV LED illumination (365 nm), daylight LED illumination, wide angle

Remote Visual Inspection: Contamination, flaws, coatings






Video endoscope INVIZ® Pipe

Video endoscope for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)


Diameter: 43 mm

Working length: 3 m to 200 m

Features: Luminous sensitivity, wide angle

Remote Visual Inspection: Weld inspection, tank & vessel inspection






Video endoscope INVIZ® Alkacid Research Cam

Video endoscope for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)


Diameter: 40 mm

Features: Wide angle, LED illumination

Remote Visual Inspection: Containers





Underwater Inspection Cameras

Underwater Inspection Cameras

Inspection camera systems for underwater robots. In collaboration with further renowned power plant operators, we built a highly mobile, remote controlled diving robot. The movable inspection camera and illumination provides excellent inspection results of supply pumps or fuel elements in basins of nuclear power plants.





Remote controlled tools and vehicles

Remote controlled tools and vehicles

The special Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Cameras INVIZ SNK provide a perfect vision for driving and remote controlling the vehicle's arm and gripper of a manufacturer in security technology. The wide angle optic as well as the large optical zoom deliver a detailed overview. Approaching, identifying and working with the tool are solved with only one sensor.





The world's thinnest industrial video endoscope with only 1,7 mm width

The world's thinnest industrial video endoscope with only 1,7 mm width

The Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) requirements of a power plant customer led us to this huge challenge. The shaft of the control rods required an inspection, while slightly more than 1.7 mm space were available. The length of the shaft as well as the demand for high image quality resulted in the adaption of our proved video endoscope INVIZ® DE 2.4 to the developement of an innovative inspection system with 2 m working length and 1,7 mm width. A specially manufactured handlng system for this inserted the inspection system into the shaft. The complete Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) was monitored with the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK. The previous reports from an eddy current inspection could now be visualized and assessed.




Custom-made inspection system | Customization | Custom endoscope | Remote Visual Inspectio


The next level of visual inspections starts with the new VUMAN E3. Faster, lighter and tougher than all of its predecessors the new VUMAN is the perfect solution for long-range visual inspections. Check out the new, unique features which make the VUMAN E3 the number one in the market of high performance videoscope systems!

We are looking for a dynamic and qualified person who joins our software development team in Albstadt (Germany). You should have good knowledge of C#, C++, physics and Linux systems.

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viZaar starts with a new innovation into the year 2017. The All-in-One test station vuDESK ensures more security and productivity for visual inspections of serial components. vuDESK comes with an integrated test device. It keeps the endoscope right on course during the entire test process. Unwanted collisions and damages are effectively avoided.

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