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Inspection & Documentation Platform INVIZ MATRIX


The unifying inspection & documentation platform INVIZ® MATRIX for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and inspection file documentation & storage

The inspection and documentation platform INVIZ® MATRIX delivers an one-box solution for high resolution digital image presentation, easy touch screen and joystick system control and excellent multi-functional data management for Remote Visual Inspections (RVI). Multi purpose use and functionality instead of single stand alone solutions. Remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment is typically limited to use to a limited range of applications. Different physical requirements call for investments into different tools. Inspection data is often landing in different formats at different systems. Finding the right images, film and data and getting it together for a consolidated report is time consuming and costly. Data integrity, Documentation and data storage is becoming a night mare. The new INVIZ® MATRIX platform from viZaar is a end to all the above. A single platform that is dealing with your existing RVI data and systems as well as offering a one hub to a range of inspection equipment starting at micro fiber endoscopes for miniature valve inspection and ending with Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Cameras to visualize and inspect big vessels via a hand hole.



Video endoscopes, Videoscopes, Endoscopes and Borescopes

Connect all existing video endoscopes, videoscopes, endoscopes, fiberscopes and borescopes. Convert and digitalize all your existing inspection results (images and videos).







Images and videos unified on one system

Industry proven software features known from the video endoscope INVIZ® VUMAN® RA-Y enable easy and precise editing & manipulating of your digital images and videos. Your inspection images and videos are stored on the internal SSD or an external USB device with individual folder structure.







Camera control & Remote Visual Inspection (RVI)

Change your specific pack on-site. Work with the AC power pack when main is given, the battery pack for independent operation or the INVIZ® SNK / INVIZ® REVOLVER 80 pack for direct camera control for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) with the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK / Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80.







Technical data inspection and documentation platform INVIZ® MATRIX

Technical data and specifications of the inspection and documentation platform INVIZ® MATRIX and accessory.








Inspection platform | Documentation unit | Videoscope | Video endoscope | Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera | Endoscope | Borescope


The next level of visual inspections starts with the new VUMAN E3. Faster, lighter and tougher than all of its predecessors the new VUMAN is the perfect solution for long-range visual inspections. Check out the new, unique features which make the VUMAN E3 the number one in the market of high performance videoscope systems!

We are looking for a dynamic and qualified person who joins our software development team in Albstadt (Germany). You should have good knowledge of C#, C++, physics and Linux systems.

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viZaar starts with a new innovation into the year 2017. The All-in-One test station vuDESK ensures more security and productivity for visual inspections of serial components. vuDESK comes with an integrated test device. It keeps the endoscope right on course during the entire test process. Unwanted collisions and damages are effectively avoided.

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