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RVI Platform INVIZ MATRIX - Technical Data & Datasheet

Inspection & Documentation Platform INVIZ MATRIX


Technical data inspection & documentation platform INVIZ® MATRIX for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) and inspection file documentation & storage

Technical data INVIZ MATRIX
Dimensions in mm / inch (W) 540 / 21.26” x (H) 290 / 11.41” x (D) 400 / 15.74”
Weight 9.34 kg / 20.59 lbs (weight not including LCD control panel and docking bays)
Environmental Specifications Operation temperature 5°F to +118°F (-15°C to +48°C) | Storage temperature -13°F to +150°F (-25° to +65°C) | Relative humidity max. 95%, non condensing
AC input 96 VAC – 256 VAC / 47Hz – 63Hz / max. 100 Watt (max. 220 Watt with optional INVIZ SNK and INVIZ Revolver 80 pack)
Housing Impact resistant HDPE/HWU plastic, aluminium profile with plastic edge protection
Video input PAL or NTSC composite and S-Video, auto detecting
Video output Analog VGA PC to monitor connector (Resolution 1024 x 768), worldwide standard
Connectors and outlets USB 2.0, recording remote control, 12VDC / 500mA Aux-Out, optional Composite and S-Video output (PAL and NTSC)
System memory Up to 60 hours of high resolution MPEG4 video-recording or several thousand BMP and JPG high quality images
Technical data INVIZ MATRIX: LCD control unit
Dimensions in mm / inch (W) 320 / 12.6” x (H) 30 / 1.18” x (D) 230 / 9.06”
Weight 1.3 kg / 2.85 lbs
Mounting Base Unit: integrated recording | Portable: shoulder harness
LCD monitor 10.4“ LCD, contrast 1200:1, 400 cd, transreflective LED illumination, 262.144 colors, viewing angle all directions +/- 90°
Operation Resistive touch screen incl. five direct access buttons and joystick
Features Saving pictures and movies in low, medium and high resolution. Unlimited video recording. Full version file manager (create, copy, delete, rename files and folders). Includes all image processing features (flip, mirror, rotate, 8x zoom, text editing, image enhancement by long exposure 40 ms -10 sec., image filtering, contrast enhancement, brightness, full screen mode and point marker feature). Full version text generator (additional 99 spaces for standard configurations, full color management for text and background). Customizable color reference charts. Enables free positioning of picture settings. Up to 9 password-protected user accounts with individual configurations. Multi-lingual user interface. Multi-lingual on-board manual.
Technical data INVIZ MATRIX: Accessory
Option docking bay case Dimensions in mm / inch: (W) 415 / 16.34” x (H) 465 / 18.31” x (D) 190 / 7.48” | Weight: 3,25 kg / 7.16 lbs, transport case for optional docking bays.
Option LCD display protective foil Highly transparent, easy to mount display cover with antireflective coating fits perfectly and protects the touch screen from any dirt and scratching, chemical substances, corrosion, destruction, or deterioration.
Option AC power pack Your INVIZ MATRIX can be operated from any main power supply utilizing this docking device. | Dimensions in mm / inch: (W) 342 / 13.46” x (H) 100 / 3.93” x (D) 133 / 5.23” | Weight: 2.28 kg / 5.02 lbs
Option INVIZ SNK / Revolver 80 pack INVIZ MATRIX docking bay for connecting, controlling, recording with the INVIZ SNK pan & tilt camera head and the INVIZ Revolver 80 camera head. The camera connections are compatible with your existing INVIZ camera cables up to 50m working length. | Dimensions in mm / inch: (W) 342 / 13.46” x (H) 100 / 3.93” x (D) 133 / 5.23” | Weight: 2.92 kg / 6.45 lbs
Option battery pack Capacity of coldness resistent NiMh: 9 Ah, 24 Volt. Operation time: approx. 1,5 to 2 hours. Operation environment: -25°C to +45°C (-13.0°F to +113.0°F). Charging unit included. | Dimensions in mm / inch: (W) 342 / 13.46” x (H) 100 / 3.93” x (D) 133 / 5.23” | Weight: 4.73 kg / 10.42 lbs

All specifications are subject to change without notice due to technical progress.


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