Turbines & Generators RVI

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in turbines & generators


Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) / Visual Testing (VT)

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of turbines & generators

Certified 24h emergency service, Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) / Non-destructive testing (NDT) / Visual Testing (VT) with INVIZ® video endoscopes / videoscopes of steam turbines, gas turbines and generators, Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) with INVIZ® retrieval tools.


Remote Visual Inspection (RVI):


  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of turbines
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of generators
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of extraction lines, oil lines and gland seals
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of main steam pipings
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of condensers
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of cross-under piping erosion / corrosion
  • Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR)


Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of turbines & generators

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) delivers sight and information of the conditions of your capital equipment without dismantling. This saves time, costs and often allows increasing equipment availability and better maintenance planning. Turbines and generators are the heart of the production supply chain. They can be installed stationary at a plant or remotely at a vessel on the ocean. These units supply and consume steam, electrical power and motive power. Turbines and generators are very expensive capital equipment and unplanned failure results in high repair costs, loss production, and for some instances, is even life threatening. They are surrounded by and connected to pipelines, steam traps, heat exchangers, cooling and expansion components. Maintenance and proper service is thus critical requiring competent, attentive experts using the most advanced Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) technology.


Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of turbines & generators

viZaar®'s inspection team is DIN EN 473 / DIN EN ISO 9712 certified and utilizes our own INVIZ® inspection equipment. We support you during routine Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) as well as emergencies. Whether it's a Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) on-site, Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) or supporting you with highspeed and thermography analysis, our inspection service team and 24h emergency hotline is ready to take your call. We offer Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) on low and high pressure turbine sides, inspecting the steam supply pipes, steam traps as well as the interior rotors of generators. Special video endoscopes with only 1.7 mm width (sword cameras) and working lengths up to 15 m enable entrance through the smallest gap and inspect the complete construction. Special INVIZ® retrieval tools can be guided with the help of INVIZ® video endoscopes / videoscopes to retrieve foreign objects and extract samples without disassembly.





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For over 20 years, viZaar has been at the cutting edge of RVI technology.  This is encapsulated by the latest generation of the VUMAN E3 long range videoscope and the VUCAM XO+ portable videoscope.  Launched earlier this year and featuring the very latest features, technology and capabilities, these products are an essential requirement for any RVI toolkit.  Please visit and get ‘hands on’ with all of our products at booth

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The next level of visual inspections starts with the new VUMAN E3. Faster, lighter and tougher than all of its predecessors the new VUMAN is the perfect solution for long-range visual inspections. Check out the new, unique features which make the VUMAN E3 the number one in the market of high performance videoscope systems!