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Industrial Endoscopes - Accessories


Illumination & documentation

Color temperature, light intensity and light guidance are important selection criteria based on purchase and maintenance costs. Light guides connect the light source with the industrial endoscope (borescope). Flexible, straight or elastic light guides enable exact illumination. Furthermore, we provide you with a wide range of endoscope and borescope accessories for your Remote Visual Inspection (RVI).


Our endoscope accessories include:

  • Light sources
  • Light guides
  • Light probes
  • Spare lamps
  • Cases
  • Transport cases
  • Camera adapters
  • Video objectives
  • Various adapters
  • Guide tubes


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This year viZaar Industrial Imaging AG will be exhibiting at Control-Stuttgart, ACHEMA-Frankfurt and BrauBeviale-Nürnberg.  Come and join us at our stand and get hands-on with the very latest in imaging technology.


For over 20 years, viZaar has been at the cutting edge of RVI technology.  This is encapsulated by the latest generation of the VUMAN E3 long range videoscope and the VUCAM XO+ portable videoscope.  Launched earlier this year and featuring the very latest features, technology and capabilities, these products are an essential requirement for any RVI toolkit.  Please visit and get ‘hands on’ with all of our products at booth

Schweissen und Schneiden in Düsseldorf/Germany

The next level of visual inspections starts with the new VUMAN E3. Faster, lighter and tougher than all of its predecessors the new VUMAN is the perfect solution for long-range visual inspections. Check out the new, unique features which make the VUMAN E3 the number one in the market of high performance videoscope systems!