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Retrieval Tool INVIZ GR 8

Motorized retrieval tool INVIZ GR 8


The motorized retrieval tool INVIZ® GR 8 for Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR)

The motorized retrieval tool INVIZ® GR 8 is the world's smallest motorized retrieval tool for foreign object search and retrieval (FOSAR). The INVIZ® GR 8 motorized retrieval tool is designed to retrieve small to medium sized objects. The INVIZ® GR 8 retrieval tool is tough enough to fasten on to a hard hat and hold it during a vertical retrieval. The INVIZ GR 8 retrieval tool can be used with a Mouse Tooth style grabber or a T-Rex style grabber.



Only 8 mm diameter

Unwanted foreign parts generally fall within plant components often when the time is short. No matter whether it is screws, pens, cans, or a nutt: a further operation is possible in very rare cases. The alternative to the time-consuming disassembly or the contracting of a specialized company is the fast recovery of the external parts with your own resources.





FOSAR with INVIZ® video endoscopes / videoscopes

The motorized retrieval tool INVIZ® GR 8 is an ideal complement to your existing video endoscopes and visual inspection cameras: The investment will usually be paid at the next revision with the recovery of the first foreign body. Mostly it will be used for the manipulation for fiber pushing elements known from wastewater technology. The extensive range of accessories allows you to master all situation in the distances of up to 30m as well as the extraction of samples. The motorized retrieval tool INVIZ® GR 8 and further useful accessories are available with the Retrieval Tool Kits PRO and STANDARD.





Technical data motorized retrieval tool INVIZ® GR 8

Technical data and specifications of the motorized retrieval tool INVIZ GR 8 and retrieval tool accessory.








Retrieval Tool - Motorized Retrieval Tool - 8 mm Retrieval Tool - FOSAR - Foreign parts in machine

Remote Visual Inspection


• Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR)



The next level of visual inspections starts with the new VUMAN E3. Faster, lighter and tougher than all of its predecessors the new VUMAN is the perfect solution for long-range visual inspections. Check out the new, unique features which make the VUMAN E3 the number one in the market of high performance videoscope systems!

We are looking for a dynamic and qualified person who joins our software development team in Albstadt (Germany). You should have good knowledge of C#, C++, physics and Linux systems.

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viZaar starts with a new innovation into the year 2017. The All-in-One test station vuDESK ensures more security and productivity for visual inspections of serial components. vuDESK comes with an integrated test device. It keeps the endoscope right on course during the entire test process. Unwanted collisions and damages are effectively avoided.

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