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Certifications of viZaar AG




ISO 9001 Certifications

About us

Due to our above-average growth in the beginning of 2006, we have realigned our company and the processes in respect of a comprehensive and customer oriented management system. Our goal always stays the same: to achieve a continuous customer oriented growth in the future.


Regular trainings and certifications are an integral part of our corporate policy. By working with Sector Cert, DGZfP, VDS, Vath and ÖGTH we have efficient partners, who ensure a continuous training of our employees.


Our service technicians are DIN EN 473 certified. Due to our quality image our service technicians regularly receive further trainings and are trained at level 2. Our service technicians carry safety and radiation passes to complete our qualifications. On request, we would gladly provide you our Level 3 staff (several verification procedure) as well as VdS approved experts for electro thermography (VdS 2859).




ISO 14001 Certifications

The quality and reliability of our high value and innovative products is our declared goal!

Quality means customers come back, not our products. Therefore, our employees are working every day to ensure the high level of quality for our various services, motivation and drive of the viZaar company. Potential customers can rely on our quality, as our company was certified under the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001. For a facilitation to our customers, we take the challenge in continuous improvement as examiners repeat their inspections annually to satisfy the sustainability.








SCCP Certificate

The safety and health of our employees are understandably at our hearts!

We know that if we all work together, we can further our company's successful position on the market. As a consequence, our company has created the foundation for any technical service and work performance within the chemical and petrochemical industry with the SCCP-Certification. In addition, we implement the SSC requirements throughout the entire company. The maintenance of these requirements will be reviewed periodically by our trained internal and external experts to ensure the maintenance of existing high standards and respectively identify and implement the potential of improvement.







Eignungsbestätigung Qualitätssicherung

We take environmental issues very personally!

We are aware of the responsibility we have to bear for the protection of our environment and the next generation and see this as a challenge. We consider the economical and environmental criteria and confront the growing environmental responsibility in all areas of our business activities. To document this for all interested parties, we subject to the processes of our environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001.


We are continuously developing

That's why we have further qualified for such quality sensible areas such as nuclear power plants. To document the requirements of all power plant operators, we have obtained a confirmation on quality assurance according to KTA 1401 in 2008.


In case of special requests please contact us.





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On the morning of April 20, this year's sales meeting was on the agenda, at which dealers from all over the world came to Albstadt.

In the evening, the celebration took place in Rottweil: The viZaar company was founded 20 years ago. There had to be a toast on this occasion!