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Fiberscopes by viZaar


Fiberscopes from Ø 0,35 mm to 11 mm


It is not unusual during industrial inspections to stumble upon inspection areas that do not offer straight access possibilities for the use borescopes. Besides videoscopes, flexible endoscopes, so called “fiberscopes”, are commonly used in such cases. Fiberscopes can easily be manoeuvred through narrow tube turns or other bends. Depending on the model, the tip of our fiberscopes has a two or four way articulation. With optional accessories, it is possible to adjust direction of view (DOV) and field of view (FOV), depending on the needs of your application. It is also possible to adjust the focus for perfect sharpness.


The Use of Flexible Endoscopes

Similar to borescopes, fiberscopes are needed for inspections in foundries and in the automotive industry. There, they are used to look into complex components with limited access, smallest openings and narrow bends, to make sure that the test area is burr-free, the cavity sealing is good and there are no foreign objects in the cavity. But thanks to their flexibility, their small size and their high-resolution images, fiberscopes are used in many other fields, such as pharma, chemistry, petro chemistry , energy and food industry, where highest quality standards have to be ensured. Even the security sector needs fiberscopes for observations, vehicle and luggage controls, container inspections or even personal protection.


Benefit from our extensive offer of fiberscopes with diameters between 0,35mm and 11mm and lengths up to 15.000mm. Choose between flexible endoscopes with or without bendable probe heads, whichever fits your visual inspection the most.   Combine your flexible endoscope with additional accessories for fiberscopes, e.g. lighting or documentation platforms, which are exclusively matched with your application.


You need a special solution that is not listed in any catalogue? We are very experienced in producing custom solutions and would love to share our knowledge and expertise with you. Contact us! Together, we will find a solution for your special inspection.





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