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Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in refineries


Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) / Visual Testing (VT)

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in refineries

Certified 24h emergency service, Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) / Non-destructive testing (NDT) / Visual Testing (VT) with INVIZ® inspection systems. Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) with INVIZ® retrieval tools.


Remote Visual Inspection (RVI):


  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of storage tanks
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of flares
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of crude units
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of catalytic crackers
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of catalytic reformers
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of fractionation towers spheres
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of reactors
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of heat exchangers
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of boilers / furnaces
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of pressure vessels
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of tower trays
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of cyclones
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of pipings
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of drain and process waste lines
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of valves
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of fin fans


Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in refineries

The profitability of refineries is often highly depending on continuous, efficient and uninterrupted production runs. Waist and energy costs are key figures to determin profitability. Therefore, it's vital to avoid unplanned shutdowns. Some processes are difficult to initiate and control or can't be interrupted undamaged at all. Any interruption creates enormous effort and costs.


We help during build-ups and new installations of production facilities, maintenance during operation and shorten your planned shutdown periods. Additionally, we help you saving energy and reducing waist while increasing safety for your personnel and capital equipment.


Our certified Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) service helps you by offering preventive maintenance, utilizing the most advanced thermography technology inspecting electrical cabinets, preventing components to consume excessive power, fail or even cause fire. Check heat crackers for insulation deficiencies, pipeline outer insulation for missing or wet insulation wasting energy or causing outer pipe corrosion.


Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in refineries

Our DIN EN 473 / DIN EN ISO 9712 VT 2 certified inspectors service you at unexpected instances and during shutdown periods for orbital weld inspections, condition investigation, blockage or Foreign Object Search and Retrival (FOSAR).


We are using high performance Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) technology by INVIZ® to inspect welds for miscolours, misalignments and heat exchangers (primary and secondary side). Reduce inspection time by utilizing the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ SNK 40x to inspect your tanks and vessels via handhole. Safe time and costs without the need of scaffolds as no technician has to enter the inspection area, perhaps wearing heavy breathing and body protection.



Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in refineries

Many processes exceed our vision capabilities. Our experts for highspeed imaging visualize and document even sporadically occurring problems in ignition phases, mechanical movement or spray mist deployments.










Discover a new way of mobile inspection - the new VUCAM D now with interchangeable video probes!

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