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Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in tanks & vessels


Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) / Visual Testing (VT)

Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of tanks & vessels

Certified 24h emergency service, Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) / Non-destructive testing (NDT) / Visual Testing (VT) with INVIZ® inspection systems. Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) with INVIZ® retrieval tools.


Remote Visual Inspection (RVI):


  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of tanks (petrochemistry / petrol and gas stations)
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of chemical plants
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of fuel tanks
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of silo vehicles
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of production plants (pharmaceutical industry)
  • Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in the food industry
  • Recurring Remote Visual Inspections (RVI)


Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of tanks & vessels

Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) by viZaar® can replace the need of scaffolding and inspectors entering the inspection area, thus reducing inspection time, costs and avoiding risk of damage and contamination.


Tanks and vessels are made to contain products, allow reactions, sometimes under harsh temperature or pressure conditions. This components often have very special surface coating to maintain hygiene or protect and separate the outer containment material from perhaps aggressive or sensitive content and gases. Inner Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) is often required after erections, standard maintenance or repairs. Various products and processes demand no remains being left after reactions or for new product runs. To ensure this requirement, inspectors often enter through a manhole after scaffolders have erected a scaffolding. In several cases, wearing protection clothing and breathing apparatus is sufficient.


Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of tanks & vessels

For example, using the Pan-Tilt-Zoom Inspection Camera INVIZ® SNK 40x, viZaar®'s DIN EN 473 / DIN EN ISO 9712 VT and SCCP certified inspection service team is able to provide detailed inspection images from any part of the tank / vessel. A wide angle with 40x optical zoom delivers a perfect overview and detailed close-ups to locate even smallest differences at far distances. For smaller vessels, we utilize the 360° endless revolving inspection camera INVIZ® REVOLVER 80. The dual camera head with 0° direction of view provides sight in the axial direction while a 360° rotating camera offers 90° direction of view. Inspecting from a remote position offers many advantages, like avoiding contamination and protecting wall coating or polishing from damage. However, if entering the inspection area is required, our inspection service is trained and certified to work at highest hygiene levels, even with breathing apparatus.







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On the morning of April 20, this year's sales meeting was on the agenda, at which dealers from all over the world came to Albstadt.

In the evening, the celebration took place in Rottweil: The viZaar company was founded 20 years ago. There had to be a toast on this occasion!


viZaar Industrial Imaging AG are delighted to announce the official opening of a brand new European facility in Wolfenhausen.  Conceived and constructed in order to meet an ever-increasing demand, our new European facility is purpose built to ensure that viZaar can meet or exceed all growth expectations for the future.