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Industrie Komplettlösungen von viZaar AG
Industrie Komplettlösungen von viZaar AG

VUDESK – All-in-one test station for visual inspections

The innovation for smooth visual inspections of serial components

For visual inspections of serial components one needs to have a steady hand. One wrong movement with the endoscope can lead to an unwanted collision with the lens system. In order to keep your inspection system physically intact viZaar has developed the All-in-One test station vuDESK. vuDesk comes with an integrated test device. The test object is simply plugged in. Test position and test depth are locked. This will keep the endoscope right on course during the entire test process. Also, vuDESK ensures reproducible work results and even faster test processes.






Industrie Komplettlösungen von viZaar AG


Non-contact inspections

Avoid contact between the lens system and the test object by locked positions of the endoscope. Ensure reproducible work results. 







Ergonomic hazards out of the workplace

vuDESK places the user in the center of the design. Adjust the working height freely for your comfort and ergonomic work.







Create your own inspection system

Adapt the test station to your needs and specifications. Choose and modify the lighting, monitor holder, clipboard, cable conduits and lockable drawer. 





Industrie Komplettlösungen von viZaar AG


Changing device for best comfort and speed

Switch to another endoscope in the blink of an eye. The integrated changing device makes it possible.








Industrie Komplettlösungen von viZaar AG


Documentations with INVIZ® MATRIX

Create precise documentations with the one box platform INVIZ® MATRIX for Remote Visual Inspections (RVI) including 10.4” LCD monitor and touch screen.







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On the morning of April 20, this year's sales meeting was on the agenda, at which dealers from all over the world came to Albstadt.

In the evening, the celebration took place in Rottweil: The viZaar company was founded 20 years ago. There had to be a toast on this occasion!


viZaar Industrial Imaging AG are delighted to announce the official opening of a brand new European facility in Wolfenhausen.  Conceived and constructed in order to meet an ever-increasing demand, our new European facility is purpose built to ensure that viZaar can meet or exceed all growth expectations for the future.