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Videoscope & Video Endoscope Repair Service
Videoscope repair service


Video Endoscope / Videoscope / Industrial Endoscope / Borescope / Fiberscope Repair Service

We service our product line in very short turnaround times.

Contact us and send in your defective video endoscope / videoscope / industrial endoscope / fiberscope / borescope to receive a quotation for your videoscope / video endoscope / industrial endoscope repair / upgrade.


Phone: 0049 7432 98375-0

Qualified and trained technicians as well the use of original spare parts from German production guarantee you economic and high quality repairs and upgrades of your camera or system.




Short videoscope repair times


Short videoscope repair times and rental service

Your video endoscope/videoscope always breaks down when you need it urgently. We offer short videoscope repair times and a wide range of rental video systems. If required, a qualified technician will visit you in person - even if you work in the nuclear power sector. Our technicians are equipped with an up-to-date radiation pass. Benefit from our extensive range of rental video systems and our quick response time.



Economically priced videoscope repairs


Economically priced videoscope repairs

Our technicians will check your video endoscope/videoscope for you. We repair or replace the affected part of your system only. You will receive a cost estimate and can then decide whether you want to have your device repaired or not. Sometimes a complete overhaul/conversion delivers additional performance and expands the application range. Minimum repairs with attention to flawless functionality upon request is also available.



High quality video endoscope repairs


High quality, lifetime and value maintenance

Our qualified technicians use spare parts from almost exclusively German production. The warranty period on repaired components is 12 months*. Materials and technology are continually upgraded and improved, as we deploy these developments for continuous improvement. We provide, develop and apply new components and technologies in our video endoscope / videoscope repairs, modifications and upgrades to extend the lifetime and increase the performance of your video endoscope/videoscope/industrial endoscope/borescope/fiberscope. Manufacturer independence allows us to eliminate known structural weak points.



Video endoscope repair guarantee


12 months guarantee

A 12 months guarantee* which exeeds over many manufacturers. With an extensive certified quality management and the continuous evelopment of our products and processes we offer products and services at the highest level. Our service staff has all required trainings and skills to carry out the services and repairs at nuclear facilities. Furthermore we follow and meet the requirements ofthe following norms and regulations:


ISO 9001 CertificateISO 14001 CertificateSCCP Certificate
















* Excluding wear and tear parts. Replaced components do not extend the general warraty period of the entire equipment.





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